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6th-May-2008 11:36 am(no subject)
I’ve decided that I highly disagree with midterms on seis de mayo, strictly for the reason that they keep me from making plans on cinco de mayo. Not that it really would have mattered, because I ended up passing out and NOT studying. This morning, I was a complete disaster: didn’t wake up for my alarms, drove to the Encino Starbucks, realized that I forgot my phone, drove back home to get it, and drove to school after a Red Bull and about half of a triple-shot nonfat-vanilla latte, couldn’t decide where I wanted to study. Sat down outside Kerckhoff, inside Kerckhoff, then had to use the bathroom, and finally found a warm and quiet spot inside the Kerckhoff gallery, where there was a children’s artwork exhibit.

Amidst memorizing philosophical premises about medical ethics, a single-file line of fourth-graders came in with their teacher, who apologized and said there would be a lot of kids coming in. I happened to have my reader on a beautiful tie-dye-pointellism table that this particular class had made for the exhibit. They all ran up to it, and apologized profusely about disturbing my studying. They said things like “I’m really sorry, I know you’re really smart and you need to study because you go to UCLA…”

I smiled and told them not to worry about it. They’ll all go to good colleges when they get older (at least we hope for that). I love watching how they interact. I really wish sections in college were as engaging as a fourth-grade art class. Unfortunately, it’s hard to make things like medical ethics or drug abuse public policy as exciting and positive as elementary school art class. I miss it.
23rd-Mar-2008 07:55 pm(no subject)
Sometimes I wish I had a film crew that followed me around for my entire life.  It would seriously make the best comedy-drama TV sitcom ever.   
23rd-Feb-2008 08:30 am(no subject)
Note to self: never wear expensive clothes to parties where you will take them off.

Good-bye cute black running jacket :(
19th-Jan-2008 09:25 pm(no subject)

Resolution: be as social as humanly possible.


15th-Dec-2007 10:46 pm(no subject)

For some reason I decided to not make plans tonight.  I've already partied enough since finals.  So I'm sitting at home watching a movie when I get a text from this guy.  He's funny, we flirt, and I'm definitely not into anything else... I just wasn't really sure what to do, because now he has my number and I definitely don't want to lead him on.  So I called a guy friend for some sort of advice, feedback, condolence.  His response was: "Oh Sarah... you and these situations..."

29th-Oct-2007 09:23 pm(no subject)

Okay wow.  Is it really necessary for you to have your friends at work interrogate me about my current love life just because you are still hung up on how badly you fucked up?  I should have known he was asking me on your behalf... and I regret not slipping in the details that would strike your memories once Bryan relayed them back to you.  You know, the roommate's friend, the other persian from school, the ex-soul mate, the ex-authority figure.  It's so satisfying to know that I haven't spoken to you in weeks yet I still make you jealous.

29th-Oct-2007 12:56 am - Hung up on Mick
Two groupies were obsessed with Mick Jagger.  They followed him around, and finally slept with him.  Afterward, people asked them how it was... and they said "he was great, but he was no Mick Jagger." 
21st-Oct-2007 12:21 am(no subject)

I've finally figured out what I'm looking for: an exclusive version of "friends with benefits."

3rd-Oct-2007 09:22 pm - Denial, probably.
Part of me wants to say that I absolutely hate the fact that I already know who the man of my dreams is, because for the past year, I have yet to meet even one guy that comes even close to winning me over like he does.  Maybe we're all allowed to have that one fantasy, that one ideal that we'll just never be able to get over.  Or, maybe it's all in my head, and I'm just blocking out any chance of a decent relationship because I know that my perfect match does, in fact, exist.  But then again, maybe I'm in complete denial.

I'm afraid of the truth that lies within the fact that I moved to LA and consequently ended my SB dateless drought (slightly an understatement), but somehow found myself under some new curse.  I think my new fear is that I could date every man in the greater Los Angeles area... and still never--ever--be satisfied. 
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